About Us


Our instructors are certified teachers who are experienced in teaching English, Math, and test-prep material. Students will not only learn academics but also how to build skills and communication with the teacher through 1-on-1 and group sessions.


Dr. Matthew Lee, Ph.D.


Mr. Samuel Moon

Director of Operation

Mrs. Janet Lee

Director of Finance

Mrs. Jung Kim

Assistant Director of Operation

Ms. Nadia Blayer

Director of Academics

Ms. Jillien Manno

Assistant Director of Communications

Our Teachers

Our teachers are college-educated and highly experienced. We feel that student engagement and quality instruction are at the heart of what we do, resulting in a careful interviewing and selection process. The teachers in our programs conduct regular observation, providing students and their families with observations that are both anecdotal and performance-based. In the effort to manage and support our students, teachers will communicate regularly with parents on an informal basis, and with our administrative team in weekly or bi-weekly meetings. These meetings are used to share student progress and assess whether specific program changes must be made in order to continue to effectively support our students' growing needs.