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3rd- 6th grade

Grades 3-6 GT English & Math Program

Students will first master Pre-Algebra and Geometry through various practice problems. Then they will be prepared for the IOWA Algebra Aptitude Test which is taken in the 6th grade. Furthermore, students will improve their vocabulary and reading comprehension through high intensity classes to advance the student in their academics.
Class placement is not based on grade, but on the student's ability in English and Math. The class is composed of original, creative lessons that students can enjoy while learning to think outside the box. This program prepares students for the CTY Camp test, 6th grade Algebra 1 test (IOWA-Algebra Aptitude Test), and TJ test.

GT English - Vocabulary
Our GT English class is intended for 3-6th grade students that are already taking GT English class or exceeding in regular English class. The class focuses on enriching reading comprehension and vocabulary skills.

GT Math - Problem Solving
Many students can manage simple problems that require memorization of mathematical equations, but have trouble with problems that require a deeper understanding and application of the equations. This class will help students, especially those who plan to study in fields of science and engineering, by giving them confidence in solving applied problems. Class intended for 3-6th grade students.
Mathematical Science
With many students being interested in the STEM field, Best Academy has a unique interdisciplinary subject focusing on solving real-world problems through the lens of math and science. We will cover Forces and Motion, Powers and Exponentials, Velocity and Gravity, and the Engineering Design Process.