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Academic Program

Saturday School - Spring 2021 Saturday School

Spring 2021 Saturday School


Spring - Session : 04/10/2021 ~ 03/12/2021 (9:00 AM ~ 12:00 PM)  
Registration: 03/01/2021 ~ 04/10/2021   Closed


1st-8th grade

Saturday School Spring 2021 

Challenge Math

Students will have the opportunity to work through varying types of math problems and learn how to approach and solve them quickly and efficiently. They will learn skills applicable to higher-level math courses and standardized tests. While Challenge Math will further solidify foundational mathematical concepts, it is also an opportunity for growth as a student. 


Each week students are challenged with different processes, purposes, and reflective activities of reading and writing. Students are trained to find the main idea of what they are reading and will be asked to write paragraphs by synthesizing what they read with what they learned on a weekly basis. 

Mathematical Science        

With many students being interested in the STEM field, Best Academy has a unique interdisciplinary subject focusing on solving real-world problems through the lens of math and science. We will cover Forces and Motion, Powers and Exponentials, Velocity and Gravity, and the Engineering Design Process.