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Enrichment Program


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1st-8th grade


Saturday School 

Competition Math Prep

Preparation for math competitions such as Math League, Math Olympiad, Math Kangaroo, and AMC as well as general math skills for success in the classroom! In Competition Math Prep, students will be challenged in their knowledge of mathematical concepts through practice quizzes, math games and much more! Students enrolled in this program will have the opportunity to participate in upcoming math competitions as members of the Best Academy Team. Even if your student is not interested in competing, enrolling them in our Math Competition Prep class will strengthen their proficiency in classroom math skills such as logic, spatial and proportional reasoning, coordinate geometry, algebraic functions, probability, sequencing, and much more!

Shurley Grammar Boot Camp

Shurley Grammar is an award-winning program that equips students with foundational grammar knowledge, ultimately turning decent writers into excellent communicators! Through a spiral curriculum approach (which asks students to use knowledge from prior lessons to build up to complex concepts) students not only learn strategies for adopting an effective writing style, they also learn the basic foundations of grammar that are no longer taught explicitly in most school instruction. Young writers who are not confident in their understanding of sentence structure, grammar rules, and paragraph flow can be certain that they will graduate from the Shurley Grammar program with confidence and excellence! 

Science + Reading

Through topics ranging from exploding stars and the food chain to acid rain and vector fields, students are challenged to deepen their reading comprehension skills in this immersive reading class. Many students are hesitant to view reading as something that can be enjoyable as well as educational-our goal is to equip students with the skills needed to be a confident reader! While your student is taking a deep dive into multiple science topics of their choosing, they will also be learning how to identify the elements of nonfiction, summarize mail ideas, interpret text structures, and other comprehension foundations that will have your students looking forward to the next book!

*Tuition includes subscription to RENAISSANCE myOn & Accelerated Reader and Weekly Vocab Quizzes