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Academic Program

Summer School - Summer Credit Course      

Summer Credit Course


Summer Credit Courses: 06/22/2020 ~ 08/03/2020 (9:00 AM ~ 3:00 PM)  
Registration: 01/15/2020 ~ 06/13/2020   Closed
Honors Geometry Session II starts on July 6 and ends on August 3.


8th - 12th

Summer Credit Course

We are an accredited education center which awards official school credit to students who study 144 hours in a given subject. Our Summer Credit Course provides the perfect opportunity to earn school credit through an intensive 5 week program.

  •  Honors Geometry
  •  Algebra II
  •  English 10
  •  World History
  •  U.S. History
  •  U.S. Government
  •  Spanish III
 - Must have school's approval of our curriculum before course registration.
 - Must take 144 class hours with no more than 2 days of absence.