Update from Best Academy on COVID-19
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BA Weekly Newsletter
Posted: 08/05/2020
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Week 8

BA Weekly Newsletter
Posted: 07/27/2020
July 27~ July 31
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Week 7

BA Weekly Newsletter
Posted: 07/21/2020
July 20~ July 24
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Week 6

Best Academy | Fall 2020 Open House
Posted: 07/17/2020
Monday, July 20 & Thursday, July 23

Best Academy will be holding Open House sessions for interested parents on Mondays and Thursdays for next several weeks. First one is Monday the 20th, 5-6pm.

All Fall 2020 Open Houses will use the same link below. If next week isn't ideal for you, join us for the following week. If the 5-6pm time frame does not work, please send me (jameslee@mybestacademy.com) an email. I will be happy to follow up with you separately about what was discussed.

https://zoom.us/j/97671876182?pwd=RTZtazBDZ2R2VncxcHVuaEVHOHJGZz09 Meeting ID: 976 7187 6182 Password: 1994

See you next Monday!
* AP Prep Classes – Online Schedule
Posted: 04/07/2020
Please call for more information and registration

AP Biology 4/15 – 5/13 WED06:30-08:30PM (5 meetings; 10 hours)
AP Calculus AB 4/13 – 5/11 MON02:00-04:00PM (5 meetings; 10 hours)
AP Calculus BC 4/13 – 5/11 MON04:30-06:30PM (5 meetings; 10 hours)
P Chemistry 4/14 – 5/12 TUE06:30-08:30PM (5 meetings; 10 hours)
AP Computer Science A 4/15 – 5/13 WED06:30-08:30PM (5 meetings; 10 hours)
AP Computer Principal Tutoring TBA
AP English Language & Composition 4/21-5/19 TUE02:00-03:00PM (5 meetings; 5 hours)
AP English Literature & Composition 4/14-5/12 TUE03:30-04:30PM (5 meetings; 5 hours)
AP Physics I 4/16-5/7 & 5/13(WED) THU02:00-04:00PM & 5/13WED02:00-04:00 (5 meetings; 10 hours)
AP Physics C; Mechanics 4/14-5/5 & 5/8(FRI) TUE02:00-04:00PM & 5/8FRI02:00-04:00 (5 meetings; 10 hours)
AP Physics C; Electricity & Magnetism 4/14-5/5 & 5/8(FRI) TUE04:30-06:30PM & 5/8FRI04:00-06:30 (5 meetings; 10 hours)
AP US History 4/16 – 5/14 & 5/11(MON) THU02:00-04:30PM & 5/11MON02:00-04:30PM (6 meetings; 15 hours)
AP World History 4/15 – 5/20 WED02:00-04:30PM (6 meetings; 15 hours)
Best Academy's office will be closed for the next two weeks, at least until March 29, 2020
Posted: 03/16/2020

Dear Best Academy Parents:

In order to ensure the safety of everyone at Best Academy, and in compliance with the directives issued by the state government, our office will be closed for the next two weeks, at least until March 29, 2020. All of our staff members will work out of their homes and we will continue to provide all services and support to our parents as usual, but via telephone and online means.

Parents should be able to contact us during our regular office hours (Monday-Friday 10:30 AM to 7:30 PM, and Saturday 9:00 AM to 3:30 PM) with any questions, consulting purposes, and any other issues. Parents will also be able to register and pay for Summer Academy programs, as well as spring courses via phone or online. Please call us at (703) 978-0008 or email us at infobestacademy@mybestacademy.com for any issues regarding registration, inquiry about our summer program, technology issues with online courses, etc.

Thank you so much for your understanding and continued support during this challenging time.

Best Academy
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What Makes Us Different

Best Academy is undoubtedly the best learning center in the Washington D.C. area, assisting students and parents with every aspect of education.

Best Academy offers a wealth of services and opportunities:

  • Seminars for students and parents
  • Scholastic consultations providing an ample amount of knowledge
  • Fun summer camps as beneficial as normal school days
  • Annual College Visits to some of the best universities in the country
  • Habitat for Humanity Global Village trips
Summer Camp

Enroll in our annual summer camp for fun activities and intensive learning.

Summer Registration starts in March

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Our Services

One-Stop Academic Solution to students of all ages in the VA/MD area

  • GT Program (1-6th)
  • TJ Preparation Course (7-8th)
  • SAT Preparation Course (SAT I & II)
  • AP Exam Preparation
  • ESOL, TOEFL, SSAT Preparation
  • Math Competitions (AMC8/10/12, MATHCOUNTS)
  • 1 on 1 Tutoring
  • Admissions and Educational Consulting
  • Adult ESL Program

Qualified Teachers


Our instructors are certified teachers who are experienced in teaching English, Math, and test-prep material. Students will not only learn academics but also how to build skills and communication with the teacher through 1-on-1 and group sessions.

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