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TJ Prep


Spring - Session1: 01/06/2018 ~ 03/10/2018 (12:30 PM ~ 3:30 PM)  
Registeration: 11/20/2017 ~ 12/30/2017   Open
March 17th and June 16th are make up days in case of snow or emergencies
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Session 1: 01/06/2018 ~ 03/10/2018
Session 2: 04/07/2018 ~ 06/09/2018


7th-8th grade

Thomas Jefferson High School, selected as the number one secondary school by many organizations, selects students that excel in Science and Technology field. To enroll in TJ, a student must go through a rigorous process of admissions, which considers SHSAT score, school GPA, and many other aspects.

This class focuses on vocabulary and reading skills in order to prepare students for the reading section, which makes up around 70% of the English portion. Students will not only prepare for the exam by learning logic and paragraph assembly techniques, but also improve their English knowledge in general.

Using problems that require complete understanding in functions and geometry, this class prepares students for various tests, including the SAT, that assess mathematical and scientific capacity.

Best Academy provides ride services for students for an extra fee.