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Special Activities (3rd - 8th)
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Special Activities (3rd - 8th)

Robotics 3-5th:   Mon-Fri 3:00-5:30pm    6/26-7/7 (2weeks)

Robotics 6-8th:   Mon-Fri 3:00-5:30pm    7/10-7/21 (2weeks)

The science of robotics plays an essential role in all our daily activities. Intelligent systems and artificial intelligence have become integral to countless areas including health, social media, time management, games, sports and space science. A fundamental understanding of robotic science is crucial in today's information-driven learning platform. Students will be working on a special cognitive robot by the name of RoboRobo. Through this project, they will build a firm understanding of the nature and purpose of robotics, and become comfortable with the language with which we communicate with robots and organize their logical structures.

Extraordinary Origins of Everyday Things (3-5th):    Mon-Fri 3:00-5:30pm    7/24-8/4 (2weeks)

This program is a multidisciplinary learning hub for students who are interested in the made world; from makers of molecules to makers of buildings, synthetic skin, soup or diamonds. The program also works to address the concerns of the future job market, as indicated by the Department of Labor. But before we can understand the complexity of modern tools and making, we need to explore the world around us, the simple things that make our daily life easy and sophisticated. "Extraordinary Origins of Everyday Things" will engage young minds with the world of makers and innovators, while helping them cultivate the critical thinking skills and technical knowledge so crucial in the 21st century learning platform.

STEM Hangouts (6-8th):    Mon-Fri 3:00-5:30pm    8/7-8/18 (2weeks)

Big science as we know it today is the derivative of simple scientific principles. This program will explore fundamental key principles in physics, astronomy, computer science, chemistry, biology, economics, fashion science and cognitive science. These principles are central to our civilization, foundational for modern technological tools, and essential for any STEM-oriented disciplines and careers.

Bowling 3-5th:   Mon-Fri 3:00-5:30pm    8/7-8/18 (2weeks)

Bowling 6-8th:   Mon-Fri 3:00-5:30pm    7/24-8/4 (2weeks)

This camp is designed to teach the basic fundamentals and techniques of bowling. Skill instruction will cover approach, delivery, strikes, and spares. Students will visit the lanes every day for two weeks to keep track of their scores and will compete in Best Academy's Summer Bowling Tournament on the last day of camp to show off what they have learned!

Chess 3-5th:   Mon-Fri 3:00-5:30pm    8/7-8/18 (2weeks)

Chess 6-8th:   Mon-Fri 3:00-5:30pm    7/24-8/4 (2weeks)

Students from 3rd through 8th grade are invited to join our exciting summer chess camp. Our chess camp provides a great place for students to learn the game of chess and have fun in a positive, safe environment led by experienced chess coaches. This mini camp will prepare students for local chess competitions, and all students will participate in Best Academy's Chess Tournament on the last day of camp!



Reading, Writing, Book Club, Science Reading


1-8th Grade Math
Math Competition:   AMC, Math Counts, Math Kangaroo
Math:   Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, Pre-Calculus, Statistics (AP), AP Calculus ab, AP Calculus bc, Multivariable Calculus                                                                                                                


College Subjects:   Organic Chemistry, Molecular Biology, Biochemistry
Science:   Biology, AP Biology, Chemistry, AP Chemistry, Physics, AP Physics I, C, E&M
Computer Science

Test Prep & Admission

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