Academic Program

After School - Middle School

TJ Admissions Preparation

TJ Admissions Preparation

Thomas Jefferson High School, selected as the number one secondary school by many organizations, selects students that excel in Science and Technology field. To enroll in TJ, a student must go through a rigorous process of admissions, which considers SHSAT score, school GPA, and many other aspects.

TJ English

This class focuses on vocabulary and reading skills in order to prepare students for the reading section, which makes up around 70% of the English portion. Students will not only prepare for the exam by learning logic and paragraph assembly techniques, but also improve their English knowledge in general.

  • Reading Comprehension
  • Vocabulary
  • Logic Questions
  • Paragraph Assembly

TJ Math

Using problems that require complete understanding in functions and geometry, this class prepares students for various tests, including the SAT, that assess mathematical and scientific capacity.

  • Algebra
  • Geometry
  • SSAT & SAT math problems
  • Test taking tactics

TJ Writing

Our TJ prep writing class prepares students for any essay topic by analyzing previous topics, teaching the students how to fully express their opinions and providing general grammar lessons.

  • Essay writing
  • Grammar
  • Organizing and expressing opinions


Students will first master Pre-Algebra and Geometry through various practice problems. Then they will be prepared for the IOWA Algebra Aptitude Test which is taken in the 6th grade. Furthermore, students will improve their vocabulary and reading comprehension through high intensity classes to advance the student in their academics.

Class placement is not based on grade, but on the student's ability in English and Math. The class is composed of original, creative lessons that students can enjoy while learning to think outside the box. This program prepares students for the CTY Camp test, 6th grade Algebra 1 test (IOWA-Algebra Aptitude Test), and TJ test.

Reading with Vocabulary:

The objective of the class is to prepare students for further studies by enriching their knowledge of vocabulary and reading skills. Every class starts off with a vocabulary quiz, and students work with the passages that use the vocabulary.

Book Reading,Writing with Grammar:

Constant reading improves students' creativity and develops good reading habits. The class requires students to read at least one book, take reading quizzes, and submit their writing work every week.

Math Concept & Problem Solving:

After learning basic concepts, students improve their mathematical skills with repetitive exercises consisting word problems, SOL problems, and math competitions problems.

Accelerated reading program:

New students will take a reading level test in order to receive a list of books that correspond with their reading level. Students are tested on a book from their list every week to effectively improve reading comprehension skills and vocabulary.


This class helps students currently enrolled in the school's ESOL course to easily adjust to life in the United States. Students will learn conversational English in listening, speaking, and writing, as well as vocabulary and grammar. Class placement is based on a student's English level.